Adventures in never never land ghostwriting


Imagine this, you have come up with your million dollar idea. You are really excited and are anxious to set up your new website. There is just one caveat though, you know you need to write out a sales page but the thought of doing so make you want to dry heave all over your MacBook Pro. In fact, you can feel the bile slowly making its way up the back of your throat at the mere thought of having to come up with clever and witty things to put on your page.

You know you need help. You keep hearing about SEO and that makes you think of some Chinese thingie. You have no idea how to make sales funnel. Your hope starts to turn into despair. You can see your idea fading away into the sunset along with all the money you are sure you could have made.

Before you lose all hope let me tell you a secret.

Most successful bloggers and business do not write their own pages. They hire something that is called a copywriter. This is a person that will write all of your posts with the proper SEO ( this is what allows the almighty Google to know to show your blog posts when people are searching for something). Instead of taking out a loan equal to the GDP of a small country to learn about SEO and all that “stuff” you can hire a copywriter to do it for you.

Services that I currently offer are as follows. I currently have three tiers of service.

Blog post writing

Lord Have Mercy Just Take this Damn Thing Off My Hands

This is where I do everything for you. You tell me what your blog is about and your ideal client and I will come up with blog post ideas and write the posts and schedule the social media to promote the post.

I Write Good

There are some people who prefer to hash out a rough draft and hand it to a copywriter to “clean it up”. With this, you hand me a rough draft of a blog post and I research the proper SEO and make it all shiny and insert the proper SEO.

I Can Write

Do you just want someone to go over what you wrote and then insert SEO and make sure your copy is all shiny and magical? Then this is for you.

How this works

You write your sales page, blog posts or webpage and I will go over it and then insert some good ole SEO so that the Google Gods can know you exist and get your blog in front of thousands of people.

Translating American Sign Language into Written English

Are you Deaf and you know how to run a business but your English is not the best?

I was born profoundly Deaf and American Sign Language is my first Language. I have managed to conquer the puzzle that is the English Language and I love to help people turn their dreams into reality.

How this works: I will Interview you on Zoom and the begin the magical process of turning it into English for a web page.

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